last commission (but not least) from #slcc for @denimcladcasewell (dude. if you want this, you seriously need to answer your email or send me some kind of message!!)

Lagazo’s Creed! commission for my dude @thesilenttrend - luckily he and his wife who were both dressed to kill only assassin’s creed-inated me once.. haha

wolverine commission from #slcc

another Samus commission from #slcc

batman commission from #slcc

ironman commission from #slcc for @ironedane

Bumblebee commission for @irondane from #slcc

Shockwave commission from #slcc

master and student. my wife @theninjaswife was kind of hoping these wouldn’t sell at #slcc so she could have them all to herself, but somebody snatched em up the final day ;)

Goku. ‘nuff said.

Roshi’s been hanging out in the city for too long.. #shuttershades

example I had sitting on my table at #slcc for “large commissions” was kinda bummed nobody asked me to draw any old dudes..

Samus commission from #slcc (had a lot of fun with this one :] )

Scott Pilgrim-ish portrait commission from #slcc

Attack on Titan commission from #slcc (tried my best not to screw up the kanji. I tried, Japan.. I tried.)