#inktober day 21 - the mistress of ceremonies, GEI$HA. fully trained in all the arts required to rock your city block. booking to host any musical events require reservations 4-6 months in advance. #thegreyninjaVS

#inktober day 20 - tricks are my treats. (working on some scribbles rewards from my kickstarter today - no time to jump into the world of “thegreyninja VS” tonight)

close-up of @neosonix ‘s character, “The Sound Samurai” #thegreyninjaVS

#inktober day 19 - got some special permission from my friend @neosonix to add his character “The Sound Samurai” (a ronin who travels the earth, sampling all the sounds of life) to the roster of #thegreyninjaVS - also, @neosonix makes GOOD music. I definitely recommend checking out everything this dude is up to ;)

#inktober day 18 - settling on a direction for Lazarus the Vagrant. #thegreyninjaVS

#inktober day 17 - Lazarus the Vagrant. Remember that homeless dude on the corner always going off about his weird weird mystical quests and stuff?? Weird thing is, they actually happen. #thegreyninjaVS

a close-up of The Janitor, doing what janitors do best - CLEANING UP. #thegreyninjaVS

#inktober day 16 - don’t bother marking your territory when “The Janitor” comes by to sweep the streets. In fact, just don’t even bother - period. The Janitor’s self-made high water pressured gatling gun thing is fully equipped to fully rip shiz up. #thegreyninjaVS

#inktober day 14 - one of the Wolf Crew’s main rivals.. it’s like these guys are EVERYWHERE, and getting their dirty paws into EVERYTHING - the exact membership of the Fox Faction is still unknown, but I swear it’s gotta be in the hundreds.. #thegreyninjaVS

Just some rough lines for today - no ink, no tober. #pacing #healthyliving

#inktober day 12 - he climbed all the way to the top (from HELL) of all the record labels with his trendy, yet accurate k-pop choreography and fashion sensibility. don’t let the CEOs looks fool you - dude’s got a nasty side, and a secret agenda over all your favorite radio stations and number one hits. #thegreyninjaVS

#inktober day 11 - playing around with what kind of skatesword thegreyninja would have, if he was ever able to get one #thegreyninjaVS

close up of these two. #sketchbook

#inktober day 10 - Ruby Goldhammer is a master sword smith, and repair generalist. She is one of four sword smiths actually capable of forging a legendary “skate sword” to perfection. Also, that’s her apprentice on the left, Pearl. People always mix them up, and it totally bugs her. #thegreyninjaVS

#inktober day 9 - “microphone check one two, one two. this rhyme was straight up murdered by FOWL1 the Tengu” #thegreyninjaVS